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Assault Field
Player Shooting

Our assault field is one of the most popular fields at Paintball Kingdom. This field features a frontier style fort & sheriffs office as well as western style wooden walls, dirt burms, sand bags, wire reels, and natural brush barriers.

This fairly open field is riddled with bunkers of various shapes and sizes that make for easy to play yet action packed games. A great field on which to get acclimated to the game of paintball if you have never played before and still a challenge for even the most experienced players.

More Assault Field Pics

Player Running


Check out this Action Shot as this player takes initiative and moves in on oppossing forces




Players Holding The FortThese Players are holding the sheriffs office. Lookout! The Paintballs are coming


Players Charging


Leaving the town field behind the players charge through an open field and into the top side of the assault field.