Field Hours

Saturday 10am to 6pm - $34.00 Per person
All Other Days Private Groups Only* With a Minimum of 10 Players

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sundays: CLOSED (unless you have reserved a private play day)

Field Entry - tax included

Open play (Saturdays 10am-6pm) - $34.00 Per person
Includes: field entry, all day air, 500 paintballs, & rental equipment if needed *call ahead to reserve rentals*.
(Rental includes- Semi-Auto Marker, air tank, and facemask).

*Reservations & Deposits Required For Private Parties
Private parties/groups will receive their own refs and will play only with their group members.
In order to set up a private group we require a minimum of 10 players and a non refundable $10 per person deposit 2 weeks in advance. This deposit will be applied to your field fees at sign in. Call us at 704-624-4115 in order to make your reservations. private parties can be scheduled for any day we have available equipment and weekday games are avaliable only for private parties.

First time players- Watch below for a quick intro on what to expect when you arrive at the field. *all rental equipment is now pre chronographed to speed up sign in. Only players bringing their own markers will need to chrono after sign in.


Prices- tax included

Optional Rental Add Ons

2pod pack with pods $5

upgraded tactical marker *first come first serve* $10

Additional Paint
(first 500 rnds comes with field fee)
500 rnds $16.00
1000 rnd $29.89
case (2000rnds) $53.38
paint grenades $5.87

Drinks & Food
sodas & water $1 each
gatorade $2 each
large 2 topping pizzas $12 each
(pizzas are ordered at lunch & delivered by a local establishment)


Other Products

our proshop has many parts, markers, and accesories available including undisplayed stock especially for classic marker parts such as intimidator, spyder, tippmann ect. We do still ship orders to none local customers so if your on the hunt for parts feel free to call in at 704-624-4115 or email to make an order today.